Critical reflections on #artsmethods

#artsmethods 3 provides a space for critical discussion around the opportunities – and challenges – provided through arts-based research, advocacy and activism.

We will work with participants to produce a series of blog posts and an online, open-access publication that reflects on this – and previous – #artsmethods symposium that have been held in South Africa and the UK.


Key themes to be engaged with include..


  • Ethical dilemmas and practice
    • Are we engaging and responding to the ethical issues associated with power dynamics and relationships within arts-based projects, consent, the ownership of the work produced and its dissemination and use?


  • Knowledge politics
    • How is knowledge “curated”, interpreted, attributed, and navigated within and outside “academic” spaces?


  • Linking research and activism
    • What are the possibilities and opportunities? How do we think through potential conflicts of interest and forms of support?


  • Collaboration
    • What are meaningful partnerships? Who benefits?  What are the opportunities, tensions and expectations associated with working collectively?


  • Methods
    • Why and how we do what we do, what are the benefits and limitations, do we have good practice examples?



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